domingo, 27 de novembro de 2016

Astronomy picture of the day - 2016 November 27 - Verona Rupes: Tallest Known Cliff in the Solar System

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Verona Rupes: Tallest Known Cliff in the Solar System 
Image Credit: Voyager 2, NASA
Explanation: Could you survive a jump off the tallest cliff in the Solar System? Quite possibly. Verona Rupes on Uranus' moon Miranda is estimated to be 20 kilometers deep -- ten times the depth of the Earth's Grand Canyon. GivenMiranda's low gravity, it would take about 12 minutes for a thrill-seeking adventurer to fall from the top, reaching the bottom at the speed of a racecar -- about 200 kilometers per hour. Even so, the fall might be survivable given properairbag protection. The featured image of Verona Rupes was captured by the passing Voyager 2 robotic spacecraft in 1986. How the giant cliff was created remains unknown, but is possibly related to a large impact or tectonic surface motion.